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Got big ideas?

We have projects to help you reach new heights.

The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation that means rethinking generation, transmission and distribution strategies using an integrated approach.

So, turn your passion into a career by joining a high-energy team and gaining access to a host of experts as well as coaching. Plug into the BBA adventure and supercharge your career.

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Always have a project on the go?

We’ve got the careers for that.

Now more than ever, mining companies need to rethink their business model to meet today’s economic and environmental challenges.

So, if you're looking for a playground that matches your expectations, site work isn’t just a stimulating environment, it’s also a great way to kick-start your career! Build your career with BBA.

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Ambitious enough for two?

We’ve got opportunities galore.

The age of digital transformation and energy transition is in full swing, and we need to incorporate these technologies to increase productivity and profitability in a way that’s safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible.

So, join BBA and be part of an ambitious multidisciplinary team that will help bring your ideas to life.

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Like working out kinks?

We’ve got some for every skill level.

Engineers, designers and drafters play a key role in shaping a sustainable, interwoven world with solutions that are breaking barriers and revolutionizing many sectors and industries.

So, join us for an immersive journey within a tight-knit, formative team where sharing ideas and knowledge is a way of life. The possibilities are endless!

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We’re excited to meet the future engineers who’ll play a key role in shaping the future of #BBA. Dear engineering graduates and students, bring your résumés and take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to build your career at BBA!

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Working at BBA means experiencing many adventures!

Check out our ambassadors’ compelling stories to discover the pivotal moments that propelled their careers or had a major impact on their lives!

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Fostering ingenuity to better value nature

BBA is one of Canada’s leading private consulting engineering and environmental services firms in the energy and natural resources sector.

We support companies with their challenges and transformation by relying on our keen business acumen, extensive practical experience and vast technological curiosity. We leverage our teams’ collective ingenuity to develop innovative, scalable and proven engineering strategies and solutions.

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